Roger Stone Files Notice of Appeal After DC Courtroom Lynching

Lawyers for Roger Stone filed a notice of appeal with the Washington DC Appeals Court on Sunday night.
While there is great public support for a pardon or a commutation for Roger Stone there is no guarantee this will take place.
Roger Stone has not been promised or assured of a presidential pardon.
Stone has been open with the public hoping President Trump will issue him a pardon.
Also it is highly unlikely that corrupt deep state Judge Amy Berman Jackson will stay the execution of his sentence or allow him to stay at liberty on an appeal bond.
Therefore without a presidential pardon or commutation Roger Stone would likely be exposed to the COVID-19 virus while waiting in prison for an appeal to be heard.
Amy Berman Jackson delayed Roger Stone’s prison sentence last month.
Here is the notice of appeal filed tonight:
The obvious juror bias and subsequent misconduct is a very strong issue on appeal as both Judge Napolitano, and Law professor Jonathan Turley have pointed out.
In the meantime Roger Stone has to raise the funds to finance this appeal.
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