China Kicks Us While We're Down, Sends Counterfeit Personal Protective Gear

It looks like our unhealthy relationship with China just took another step backward.
If lying about and inadvertently unleashing a history-shifting pandemic wasn’t enough, lax oversight and shady business practices in the communist power have now added insult to the injury of America’s current outbreak.
The Associated Press reported that a shipment of critical N95 masks, which landed in March after a drought on personal protective equipment that stretched to nearly six weeks, was full of counterfeits.

Genuine N95 masks work by filtering out microscopic particles, including pathogens and pollutants.
According to film reviewed by the AP, the masks were clear fakes.
Whereas the genuine masks from Shanghai Dasheng, a Chinese manufacturer, attach to one’s face with bands that wrap around the head, the falsely labeled counterfeits had ear loops.
A prominent alert on Shanghai Dasheng’s website warns potential buyers to beware of scams using the company’s name and logo.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has even issued a warning to Americans about the fake gear.
In the warning, dated March 13, the CDC claims that the unauthorized use of Shanghai Dasheng’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health certification number is helping scammers dupe unaware customers.
According to the agency, there’s more than one company that potential buyers need to be wary of.
This isn’t the first issue American consumers have had with China.
Even in pre-pandemic times, China’s lack of respect for copyright laws and intellectual property were a major point of contention in its relationship with the United States.
Over the years, the Chinese knockoff has become something of a cliche that indicates inferior quality despite the assurance of labels.
The problem remains a central pillar in President Donald Trump’s trade war actions against the Asian powerhouse, although it will now likely be overshadowed by the country’s role in the global pandemic.
While the ties between China and the United States remain a vital factor in both country’s economies, the events of 2020 have made it clear that our relationship with the communist giant needs to fundamentally change.
American citizens are now dealing with fallout from the virus spread globally thanks in large part to China’s lies, a problem potentially made even worse by counterfeit masks percolating out of the country.
Moving forward, it’s clear that a close relationship with China will be detrimental to American interests.
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