Alabama Church Loses Leases After Pastor ‘Likes’ Charlie Kirk’s Instagram Posts

Charlie Kirk
Alabama’s largest church lost its leases after the pastor ‘liked’ Charlie Kirk’s Instagram posts.
Charlie Kirk is a pro-Trump activist and founder of Turning Point USA.
The housing authority said in its statement explaining its decision to cut ties with the Church of the Highlands that the pastor’s views are incompatible with theirs because he ‘follows’ and ‘likes’ Charlie Kirk’s social media posts.
“Pastor Hodges only follows about 300+ people, and he chooses to follow Mr. Kirk and continuously likes the hate and misinformation that he spews,” wrote Jasmine Faith Clisby, an English teacher who ‘outed’ Hodges on Facebook. “I can’t stand in judgment and question his faith. However, it’s problematic for me that he uses his platform to support a man with clear biases and limited perspective.”
The pastor apologized for ‘liking’ posts attacking Obama and questioning the ‘white privilege’ narrative, but it wasn’t good enough for the outrage mob.
“I can tell you those social media posts that I ‘liked’ do not reflect, in any way, my true feelings or beliefs,” Hodges said in the June 2 statement. “I now realize they were hurtful and divisive, and I sincerely apologize.”
The Associated Press reported:
A large Alabama church has lost its leases with the city of Birmingham’s school district amid criticism of social media activity by its senior pastor.
The Birmingham City Schools Board of Education voted Tuesday to terminate its leases with the Church of the Highlands, which had been holding services inside two high schools, news outlets reported.
And the day before, Birmingham’s Housing Authority voted to end its partnership with the church, which had provided outreach programs and social services in a public housing community.
Senior Pastor Chris Hodges recently apologized after screenshots shared online showed him “liking” posts by Charlie Kirk, the president of the pro-Trump organization Turning Point USA. The posts were criticized as being racially insensitive, news outlets reported.
Charlie Kirk reacted by saying, “NEVER apologize to the mob. Period.”
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