Tulsa: Driver Plows Through Crowd After Violent Mob Throws Glass Bottles at His Truck Carting Trailer with Horses (VIDEO)

A violent mob chased a red truck carting a trailer full of horses on I-244 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and pounded on the windows.
The mob broke glass bottles on the trailer carrying horses as the driver plowed through the crowd.
One woman screamed, “Keep it peaceful!” as the terrified driver made his way through the mob.
The driver was clearly trying to drive slow enough to give people a chance to get out of out of the way, but they refused to move!
WATCH (language warning):
A witness shared this video with me of a pickup truck plowing through a group of people protesting on I-244 in Tulsa @KTULNews
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Another angle shows the driver ram into a few of the violent rioters.
WATCH (language warning):
A third angle shows a couple of stupid women refusing to move as the driver plowed through.
One terrorist even tried to unlatch the trailer full of horses from the truck.
According to reports, several people were injured.
WATCH (language warning):

WARNING: DISTRESSING VIDEO! A truck with a trailer driving through a crowd of protesters blocking I-244 in Tulsa, injuries reported. An otherwise peaceful protest. (PLEASE EXCUSE PROFANITY) Video: Lauryn Foster @KJRH2HD
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