Bizarre: Biden Campaign Speech Announced for Monday Somewhere in Southwestern Pennsylvania at No Specific Time

The Biden campaign issued a press release for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s first post convention public appearance on Monday that has no details on when or where–just a general location and day but no specific time or venue.
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The theme of the speech is “Are you safe in Donald Trump’s America?” A better question for Joe Biden might be does he know where he is?
Joe Biden to Deliver remarks in Pennsylvania
On Monday, August 31, Joe Biden will travel to southwestern Pennsylvania to lay out a core question voters face in this election: are you safe in Donald Trump’s America.
COVID runs unchecked throughout the country, killing thousands of Americans a week and turning our economy upside down. Parents around the country are struggling to send their kids to school safely. And Donald Trump continues to fan the flames of division and encourage chaos in our cities, rather than trying to calm tensions and heal this country.
On Monday, Joe Biden will offer a different vision for a better a better future in Joe Biden’s America.
Details are subject to change
Remarks by Joe Biden in Southwestern Pennsylvania
Start Time: To be announced

In contrast, the White House announced Saturday night President Trump is traveling to Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday to inspect the riot-torn city and meet with local law enforcement.
 President Trump commented on Biden’s Big Adventure, “Rushing him out of basement after seeing some very disturbing numbers. Don’t worry, he’ll go back to basement soon!”

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