Joe Biden Ignores Reporters After He Deplanes in Michigan For Campaign Event (VIDEO)

The internal polls must be bad for Biden because he left his Delaware basement and headed to Michigan on Wednesday.
As usual, Biden ignored the gaggle of reporters as he deplaned in Michigan.
Biden, who openly supported NAFTA, will be speaking at an event in the Detroit suburb of Warren and will reportedly propose a new policy aimed at tackling “offshoring.”
“Offshoring, outsourcing, Buy American. These are areas where Donald Trump’s record has not been remotely matched by the reality,” Biden’s senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan said.
Biden’s campaign is collapsing so they’ve now pivoted to gas-lighting Americans.
Reporters shouted at Biden after he deplaned, but as usual he kept walking and waved them off.
The last time Joe Biden was in Michigan it was a total disaster.
Recall, Biden got into an explosive confrontation with an autoworker.
The autoworker confronted Biden about his repeated calls to ban certain firearms.
Biden went berserk and told the autoworker he’s “full of shit.”
“I don’t work for you,” Biden added.

Here’s what happened the last time Biden was in Michigan talking about jobs:
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