Candidate Challenging Rep. Ayanna Pressley Hospitalized With Broken Tibia After Fight With Biden Supporters


A Republican who launched a write in campaign to challenge Rep. Ayanna Pressley in Massachusetts was hospitalized with a broken tibia after a fight with Joe Biden supporters on Monday.

Rayla Campbell, a black Republican woman, got into a scuffle with the leftists in a parking lot in New Bedford after she left a pro-Trump event.

“I’m ok everyone. I appreciate all of your concern. I was involved in an incident leaving the New Bedford rally today that turned physical. Two individuals, both female, physically confronted and then assaulted me. I got kicked in the head and have a fractured tibia,” Campbell wrote on Facebook. “I’m sore, that is all. Other than that I have no idea about the two females, what’s transpired or anything else and I haven’t talked to any media up to this point. I’m heading home now finally, but thank you all for your well wishes and kind words.”

Though it is unclear how the incident began, video footage reportedly shows that Campbell was the one who threw the first punch. It is expected to be released to the public some time Tuesday afternoon.

Another Massachusetts Republican candidate says that he was also threatened with death by Antifa for being a gay conservative.

“I was threatened with death at the PTown HRC store by ANTIFA Joe Biden supporters for being a gay conservative. Rayla Campbell, another candidate for Congress in Mass, was just beat up and hospitalized tonight for by ANTIFA Joe Biden supporters tonight. Is US or THEM. #VoteRed,” Moran tweeted on Monday.

Campbell’s Facebook page says that she is running to “defend our rights and values which made this country so great.”

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