Dystopian Nightmare: Media Covers For Biden as He Blasts Video Message to ‘Rally’ Filled With EMPTY Red, White, and Blue Jeeps


In the Biden campaign’s latest act of political theater and fake support for their candidate, the barely-functioning Joe Biden spoke before a “rally” of dozens of empty cars — and he wasn’t even there.

Perhaps the most sinister part of this is that the media was there, covering this scam, and none of the networks or journalists in attendance have called them out.

Biden did not appear on stage, instead, blasting his disingenuous speech onto the screens of this “rally” that was filled with perfectly placed red, white and blue Jeeps.

The podium on the stage was clearly empty and entirely different from the one he spoke behind.

The vehicles appear to be the same ones that have been set up at the venue for days.

This campaign, which is claiming to have more votes than Obama got in 2008, couldn’t even rally together a couple dozen actual supporters for his speech.

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