Leftists Beg Democrat Voters To Move To Georgia To Bolster Votes For The Senate Runoff Elections

 Two important Senate races are headed for a runoff in Georgia.

Senator Kelly Loeffler is fighting off Democrat socialist Raphael Warnock and Senator David Perdue is battling against progressive liberal candidate Jon Ossoff.

These two-seats have become the two most important seats in the 2020 election. The Democrats are tied with the Republicans in the Senate, 48-48. If President Donald Trump doesn’t win his legal battles for the White House and Republicans lose both of these races, we lose any chance of keeping a radical left Biden administration at bay.

If the Democrats win these two seats, they will control the House, Senate, and the Presidency. They will enact all of the policies we voted against in this election.

We will see a massive tax increase. Critical race theory will be back and bigger than ever. Democrats will bring back the Obama-era regulations that crippled our economy. Hunter Biden’s laptop will be destroyed, and we will never hear about it again.

All of the progress we’ve made on the economy and foreign relations in the last four years will be undone. They can and will pack the courts to ensure anything they do will be ruled ‘constitutional.’

The Democrats know what is at stake in this Georgia runoff, and they are pulling out all the stops. Major Democrats are even calling for voters to move to Georgia and register to vote before the deadline.

Former Democrat Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang announced via Twitter that he and his wife ‘are moving to Georgia.’ The wording here is crucial. Yang didn’t say that he was staying there to help, but that he and his wife are “moving” to the state to help.

This comes on the back of his original tweet calling for a coalition to “coordinate resources” and “everyone who campaigned for Joe should get ready to head to Georgia.”

Georgia law allows anyone that is a legal primary resident the ability to register to vote.  It should be noted that it is a felony to move to Georgia for the sole purpose of voting, only to leave shortly after. The deadline to register to vote in Georgia before the runoff is December 7th.

A sudden spike in Georgia residents will have an impact on this close election. Jonathan Turley claims Democrats are worried “they don’t have enough “Georgians to vote for them.”

As Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said, “Now we take Georgia, then we change the world. Now we take Georgia; then we change America.”

Jonathan Turley calls out those pushing for people to flock to Georgia to vote in the Senate runoff. He says, “figures like New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman are calling for liberals to move to Georgia to influence their election.”

Georgia is currently investigating complaints that enough fraud happened in the state to sway the national election. Republicans believe that liberals want to commit more fraud to sway the run-off election, and they aren’t even hiding their intentions.

Turley says, “Friedman and others are sending the self-destructive messages that Jon Ossoff and Raphael G. Warnock might not have enough Georgians to vote for them, so they need New Yorkers and Californians to come and vote as Georgians.”

The New York Times ran “pieces on alleged vote suppression by the GOP” but has ZERO issues with their columnist calling for out-of-state voters moving to Georgia to vote.

Turley says, “it seemed like Friedman’s first thought on the runoffs was how he or others could rig it.”

As previously mentioned, Georgia law makes it a felony to move to the state to vote and then move back to their home state.

Georgia expects you to live with the consequences you voted for. Democrats, this is a felony. Do not move to Georgia to vote in this runoff.

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