Iowa Teacher Laughs and Proudly Explains How She is Going Around the Ban on Teaching Critical Race Theory [Video]

 The video below is Exhibit One of why so many Americans are homeschooling their children now. The defiant teacher laughs about teaching racist Critical Race Theory to her students. She is an English teacher. She is not in the classroom to teach law or CRT. Will the Des Moines, Iowa public school system do anything about this radical teacher?

A radical leftist Iowa teacher proudly explains how she is circumventing the Critical Race Theory ban.

Instead of teaching CRT, she reviews the CRT concepts that are called out in the law, and encourages her kids to ask questions about the concepts.

This is her CRT ban workaround…

The teacher and school system have been called out on Twitter.  Will anything be done about this?

The Des Moines, Iowa school system needs to hear from concerned parents:

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