Fools and Fanatics: Biden Regime’s Energy Advisor Amos Hochstein Tells CNN It’s Better to Limit Oil Production “To Accelerate the Transition” (VIDEO)


The US economy officially entered recession in July after two straight quarters of negative GDP growth.

Inflation in the US today is the highest its been in over 40 years.

Gas prices are soaring and peaked over $5 a gallon before receding slightly to their current rate.

Despite the historic economic pain inflicted by the Biden regime, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is resolved to finish off the middle class once and for all. 

Granholm announced in August, “We know it’s a transition.  But ultimately we are pressing on the accelerator to be able to move to ‘clean’ because if we don’t have to rely on the volatility of fossil fuels or of countries that are exporting fossil fuels that don’t have our interests at heart.”

The US was an energy exporter before Biden entered the White House.

On Tuesday Biden’s energy “advisor” joined with Granholm and pushed for the US government to “accelerate the transition” to green energy.

The left does not care about working Americans. They only care about pushing their global warming religion. It does not matter if they destroy the middle class in the process. They can always eat bugs. reported:

On Tuesday, Biden energy adviser Amos Hochstein sounded off about the president considering declaring a climate emergency that would allow him to limit drilling in the United States.

Hochstein told CNN’s “New Day” that the Biden administration had “been clear that we want to see the U.S. industry increase oil production” but said it was important to limit the production “to make sure that we’re in a better footing to accelerate the transition” to green energy.

“I think we have been clear that we want to see the U.S. industry increase oil production,” Hochstein outlined.

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