Mother of all market crashes is coming, financial cycles analyst Aaron Brickman tells Mike Adams

 The mother of all market crashes is coming, financial cycles analyst Aaron Brickman told Health Ranger Mike Adams during the Oct. 2 edition of “Health Ranger Report.”

Brickman said human psychological conditions and cosmic events are setting up a potential catastrophic market crash that could happen this October.  

“This thing could be way bigger than 1929. Right now, that’s where I’m leaning towards. This is going to be the mother of all crashes,” Brickman said.

The financial cycles analyst noted that the market crashes in 1929, 1987, 1997 and 2008 all happened on the exact lunar date. “The panic phase and all these crashes are about 12- to 15-day trading period that occurs with a full moon within six weeks of a solar eclipse,” Brickman said.

Brickman said almost all the crashes in the fall of the 1800s also fit the same signature. The former Wall Street market analyst noted that the markets move in cycles or waves. He said that the exact same formations can be seen in the market crash charts.

Banking system is crashing the markets by design

The financial cycles analyst pointed out that the real problem isn’t Wall Street but the banking level, specifically the central banks. “The banking system is crashing the markets by design,” he said.

According to Brickman, the Federal Reserve has been bringing the markets down all year long, but Wall Street doesn’t believe what the Fed is saying.


The investor added that the Fed always finds a way for history to record that it is there to save the system.

Brickman said the Fed is doing a classic good cop, bad cop performance and it can pivot or stand down to set new all-time highs on the stock market within months.

He added that the Fed can change or break rules and make up new rules aside from printing money. “The Fed does not want a high stock market and they are going to do everything to take control of it,” Brickman said. “The interest rates the Fed created have become a monster on Wall Street over the last two decades.”

Brickman warned that the biggest bank heist in human history is going to happen with the perpetrators burning down and destroying the evidence.

“That’s what I think they’re getting ready to do. Burn it down. And they might be burning it down physically, not just metaphorically. So, where am I going with this? I do believe the risk and we will know this very soon, probably the week of October 24. Somewhere in there I think we will have a really good clue whether this is about to hit the banking system,” Brickman said.

The former Wall Street market analyst added that a final rally in the stock market is going to happen, but it doesn’t really matter because the market is now in the crash phase. 

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