MUST WATCH: Unearthed Video Shows Animal Rights Activist Jane Goodall Calling for DEPOPULATING THE EARTH to Solve “Climate Change” (VIDEO)


Leftists when discussing “climate change” generally advocate for less carbon emissions and sometimes eating bugs. But Jane Goodall has a more sinister idea in mind to solve the so-called crisis: fewer human beings.

An anonymous Twitter user last Friday uncovered footage of Goodall speaking to the World Economic Forum in 2020. Here are her full quotes in front of the global elite:

“We cannot hide away from human population growth. Because it underlies so many of the other problems.”

“All these things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if there was the size of population there was 500 years ago” 


The math in the tweet checks out. The current global population stands at 8 billion people. Back in 1500, the population was just under 500 million.

Goodall effectively supports wiping out over 90% of Earth’s population because she’s worried about the Earth heating up a few degrees. Talk about a warped mind and a black heart.

Goodall unsurprisingly is not alone in advocating for mass genocide. Back in 2006, an evil college professor in Texas said the Earth would be better off with 90% of mankind gone, roughly the same percentage Goodall has in mind. A writer at the far-left The Guardian promoted emptying half the Earth of its humans.

Arguably most infamous advocate of eugenics, however, is Paul Ehrlich. He has consistently clamored for slashing Earth’s population and now says we are in the midst of a 6th “mass extinction” due to humans using too much of Earth’s resources. He also claimed in his 1968 book “Population Bomb” that hundreds of millions of people would starve to death in the 1970s because Earth’s population had grown too large.

As Jim Hoft points out, however, he has been wrong on everything for six decades. There was no mass starvation in the 1970s and there is no mass extinction event happening now. Still, the corporate press regards him as renowned authority figure on biology.

Another Twitter user asked why Goodall is not willing to lead by example. A fascinating question indeed for her and other eugenicists.

The correct answer is that they all fit the definition of a narcissist.  These individuals fancy themselves as morally superior to everyone else, viewing others as disposable objects.

They want you to die so they can enjoy the beautiful Earth for themselves. Safe money exists on their fellow elites sharing the same feelings.

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