Joe Biden Takes Another Vacation While a Chinese Spy Balloon Floats Across America

 Watching the China balloon cross across the US is like watching another sh*tty Hollywood movie, which serves as a constant reminder of the utter incompetence and weakness of the Biden regime.

It can be recalled that Pentagon, along with the White House, opted not to shoot down the balloon floating over the state of Montana for over two days, as debris from the floating device could possibly injure a civilian.

Pentagon spokesman Air Force Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder told reporters at a briefing Friday that the China spy balloon flying over the United States is a “maneuverable craft” but refused to say whether China is controlling the balloon’s movements or how the balloon is moving.

However, the communist Chinese government claimed that the unmanned airship straying into the U.S. airspace “was entirely an accident caused by force majeure,” which “deviated from its scheduled route due to its own limited control capability.”

Ryder also said the balloon was moving eastward over the center of the continental United States, confirming TGP’s report, but refused to say specifically where the balloon is, arrogantly telling concerned Americans they can go look up in the sky for the balloon. 

While the entire country worried over the Chinese spy balloon floating over the United States, Joe Biden will take on vacation once again on Saturday.

“On Saturday, the President will travel to Camp David where he will remain over the weekend. The departure en route Camp David will be covered by the out-of-town pool,” according to the press release.

“On Sunday, the President has no public events scheduled,” it continued.

Jesse Kelly put out a tweet describing what’s really happening with our country in terms of protecting its people.

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