Massive Collective Of Pro-Trump Groups Will Overtake Washington DC In "Stop The Steal" Protest

 If Democrats are hoping that President Donald Trump’s millions of supporters will eventually just roll over and accept Joe Biden’s media-declared presidential victory, they’d better think again.

Because that’s definitely not happening.

According to The Blaze, this weekend in Washington D.C., an impressive number of pro-Trump groups will gather en masse to protest against election fraud and show their undying support for whom they believe is the greatest president in modern American history.

Large, influential pro-Trump groups like “Women For Trump,” “Million MAGA March” and “Stop The Steal DC” have drawn up plans to hold a massive rally, and they invited every Trump supporter that can make it to come out and voice their concerns over the current, post-election turmoil.

The large protest is scheduled to kick off around noon on Saturday and will be held in Freedom Plaza, which is along the National Mall and within close proximity to the White House.

On Wednesday, the group put out another call on Twitter for Trump supporters to spread the news of the upcoming event, at which they’re hoping to make a splash and garner as much media attention as possible — which will probably be difficult, given the media’s recent tendencies to suppress anything that favors Trump.

Not surprisingly, a number of counter-protests are also scheduled to take place at the same time, at the nearby Black Lives Matter Plaza. The combined events are expected to turnout such huge crowds that DC Metropolitan Police have already prepared by instituting no-parking zones in many downtown DC areas.

“Our Police Chief will have a similar posture this weekend as he did last week, and we will be there to support peaceful exercise of First Amendment demonstrations,” D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said at a recent press conference.

Even more unsurprisingly are efforts by many in the left-leaning media to demonize what will otherwise likely be a perfectly passionate and peaceful demonstration by the pro-Trump groups.

They seem to always forget that it’s not the pro-Trump folks who demonstrate by robbing Nike stores and Walmarts, while leaving the streets littered with trash. That’s the other side — the violent BLM and Antifa types who have no regard for anything, let alone demonstrating in a peaceful manner.

The Million MAGA March group tweeted out requests for prayers as they make their way to DC, and rightfully so as there’s no telling what violent counter-protesters might have in store.

With a lot of prayer and a little luck, these peaceful, pro-Trump groups will be able to carry out their message without experiencing violence, but it would definitely behoove them to keep their heads on a swivel, because as we’ve seen in prior events, violent leftists will not hesitate to cross the line.

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